One of Our 10 Foundational Values

TriVita’s scientifically validated supplements are created by people with the training and skills to know what works best to promote wellness. TriVita’s Healthcare Professional Board is comprised of highly credentialed and esteemed medical professionals who possess varied educational and professional experiences, allowing each board member to offer unique insights into health, wellness and supplementation.

This group of professionals are responsible for staying abreast of the latest medical developments and providing valuable recommendations based on current and emerging science, nutrition research, testing methods and industry trends. These findings influence our product formulation process, in which the Healthcare Professional Board plays a crucial role.

Product formulation is a rigorous process that includes proposing new product formulations to the advisory board for review. The board doesn’t just rubber stamp every idea; they engage in debate and discussion, ask questions and offer recommendations based on current research. From there the formulation is revised, and the process begins again. This development process is driven by discovery and innovation to create the best possible products for our Members.

In addition to helping guide new product development, TriVita’s Healthcare Professional Board continually helps us review and revise our current products, each of which is scrutinized to ensure we only offer nutritional supplements backed by strong science, not passing trends.

Under the guidance of our Healthcare Professional Board, TriVita combines the latest science with a genuine passion for creating effective and innovative products and services that support physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.