One of Our 10 Foundational Values

At TriVita, we take your wellness as seriously as you do. We want you to be informed and feel confident every time you order our products, and that’s why we go to great lengths to ensure our products adhere to strict industry standards and exceed expectations.

All of our high-quality products begin with the best ingredients. We source the vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals that go into TriVita’s products from top suppliers around the world. From there, we conduct careful testing and analysis to verify the identity, purity and potency of each ingredient. If at any time, impurities are present or a component does not meet our standards, we quarantine and remove the batch to prevent contamination. After testing, the raw materials are ready for the manufacturing process.

Producing quality supplements is a highly involved and intricate process. To create a consistent and reliable product, we institute demanding manufacturing processes and quality control procedures. We apply these same rigorous methods to all TriVita’s products, including complex herbal and botanical formulations, to guarantee that
the finished product is free of contaminants
and impurities.

At TriVita we make sure that all ingredients in our products come only from vendors who comply with the highest standards of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Our U.S.-based manufacturers are in full compliance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) to certify proper design, monitoring and control of the manufacturing facility and procedures. These manufacturing practices establish requirements for thorough record-keeping, facility design and sanitation, product packaging, labeling and more to guarantee you have access to high-quality products.

We also conduct quality control checks and additional testing throughout the entire manufacturing process, but not just on the supplements themselves. Product packaging, labels, equipment and any utensils or machinery used during the process are inspected, sanitized and closely monitored. Finally, representative samples from every batch are carefully tested and inspected for purity, potency and accuracy to further ensure the safety and quality of your TriVita products.

As a valued customer, you deserve the best products to support your health and wellness goals. By strictly adhering to the highest standards and settling for nothing less, all of us at TriVita are working to provide you with the quality supplements you know and trust.