One of Our 10 Foundational Values

Third-Part Testing and Certification

Rest Assured with Trivita

As a valued TriVita member, you have the right to expect healthy, safe supplements. You also want to be assured that every vitamin and nutrient within each TriVita product is accurately listed and tested.

That’s why it’s good to know that we take your concerns as seriously as you do. To begin with, our testing procedures are unyielding. We’re never complacent, which means we’re constantly refining and expanding our testing procedures to ensure the potency of our products and that they meet all regulatory standards. This begins from the very start of the manufacturing process and continues every step of the way until our products arrive at your door.

Comprehensive Testing Procedures

Our quality control measures extend to all of our US-based manufacturers, whom we carefully and thoroughly scrutinize before awarding them our business. Shortcuts are strictly forbidden, and each manufacturer must maintain accurate records and supply a certificate of analysis to verify the quality and potency of each supplement.

This certificate is verified by an independent third-party testing company, which also tests for a wide variety of potential contaminants. If anything questionable is found, the entire batch is destroyed.

Additional tests ensure that each supplement contains 100% of the vitamins and nutrients listed on the label.

We also conduct third-party testing on all of our products—something NOT required by any government agency—to reinforce our rigorous, ongoing commitment to product purity and customer safety.

While some may consider this exhaustive system of checks and balances unnecessary, we go one step further by designating specific staff members to cross-check all paperwork from the manufacturer and our internal audits to confirm everything is in order. It’s just one more way we’re working every day to earn your trust, guarantee your safety and provide the very best wellness supplements available.