One of Our 10 Foundational Values

With countless vitamins and supplements available today that seem to guarantee the impossible, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and simply opt for the lowest cost product. But you can’t afford to waste your money on products that don’t work.

That’s what sets TriVita apart. We provide our Members with high-quality nutritional products backed by scientific research. At the heart of every TriVita product is science. Our advisory panel is responsible for staying in touch with medical developments and providing valuable recommendations based on current and emerging science, nutrition research, testing methods and industry trends.

Efficacy and safety are chief concerns when formulating new products. To deliver on our product promises, we build quality into our supplements from day one. Our product development process is driven by discovery and innovation to create exceptional products for our Members. We test our ingredients before, during and after manufacturing to ensure bioavailability and efficacy. If the product fails in any of these areas, we start over!

The health and safety of our Members is imperative, so we never take testing for granted. We always promise that our products are backed by research, our formulas are safe and effective, and our product labels are accurate to meet FDA requirements. When sourcing ingredients or suppliers, we require certificates of analysis for the ingredients we will be using. This ensures that the ingredients meet all guidance standards and requirements.

TriVita invests in science and research to help create the best health and wellness experiences possible for our Members. We are constantly evaluating our current product line and new product suggestions to find ways to improve and meet the unique needs of our Members with scientifically validated formulas.