Brain Health Support

The results of your Nutritional Evaluation show that you might benefit from taking brain-supporting supplements. TriVita’s Brain Support Health Pack is designed to support your brain and nervous system with biblically based and scientifically supported supplements.

Here’s a look at how brain health supplements like NeuroShine®, Super B-12 and Omega3 Prime™ may help you on your wellness journey.

Brain Support Health Pack includes:

NeuroShine – contains ingredients shown to enhance memory and cognitive function, as well as improving mood, focus and concentration.

Super B-12 – tablets contain three times as many B vitamins as our original formula, plus biotin and ginseng for an extra caffeine-free energy boost. Formulated to improve mental clarity, focus and energy, Super B-12 dissolves under the tongue for optimal absorption.

Omega3 Prime – contains premium, purified omega-3 fish oil that has been shown to promote healthy EPA and DHA levels that support heart, joint and brain health.

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