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Inflammation Health Awareness Assessment
Inflammation Health Assessment

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This valuable Inflammation Health Awareness Assessment can help give you the tools needed to start your journey of awareness on chronic inflammation.

In three simple steps that can take less than 20 minutes, you’ll be guided by informative videos to help you discover the lifestyle choices to make today to improve your health and wellness. 

Simply answer a few health and lifestyle questions and receive a free and confidential* inflammatory profile score.

You can take the assessment as often as you like to compare results.

Get more than a score

Once you’ve completed the assessment you’ll receive free information on chronic inflammation and tips on how to improve your score.

We want you to experience optimal wellness so we’ll include a complimentary Inflammation Health Awareness Guide, plus bonus gifts from TriVita once you get your score.

The guide includes:

• Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Advice
• The Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid

• Your Nine Amazing Body Systems Handbook
• The Ten Essentials for Health and Wellness

What are you waiting for?

Know your risk for chronic inflammation in three simple steps. You can have your results in 20 minutes or less. You’ll also receive free information on chronic inflammation and how to improve your score as you progress through the assessment.* 

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*This assessment is HIPAA compliant. This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or provide any medical advice. The purpose of the content is to assist the user to identify potential lifestyle-related risk factors, abnormal metrics, and symptoms associated with chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is not classified as a disease. It’s imperative that you follow your doctor’s advice for all medical conditions and seek medical approval before making any lifestyle-related changes.