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When your life is in a healthy balance, it’s a healthy life. The food we eat naturally turns into energy to fuel our lives, but when we’re not working on all cylinders, the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose may not occur properly. Support healthy levels of blood glucose and the body’s natural ability to convert carbohydrates into energy with TriVita’s line of blood-sugar support supplements.


Blood sugar—it's all about balance. Your body needs carbohydrates for energy. When we eat carbs, the body converts them into glucose, a primary source of energy for your body and your brain. However, problems may arise if the body doesn’t manage this sugar well, keeping either too much or too little in the bloodstream.1

Formulated to help maintain healthy blood glucose levels, GlucoManage features vitamins, minerals and herbs, including:

  • Vitamins niacin, thiamine, biotin and B-12
  • Trace minerals such as magnesium for nutrient support and chromium for blood sugar regulation2
  • An array of antioxidants including bilberry, schizandra berry and lycopene
  • SugarSolver, a proprietary blend of herbs, including cinnamon, bitter melon and American ginseng root