In addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise, our bodies need adequate sleep. Tossing and turning or bouts of insomnia can keep us running on low throughout the day. When poor sleeping habits continue, you could be setting your body up for long-term issues. Instead of suffering, let TriVita's sleep support formulas help get you back to sleep.

Adaptuit Sleep

Don't settle for insufficient sleep! Do you get a restful 7–8 hours of sleep every night? Many Americans don't; in fact, chronic sleep loss or sleep disorders may affect as many as 70 million Americans.1 Insufficient sleep may affect judgment, learning ability, mood, and ability to avoid accidents and injuries, and over time may lead to health conditions.2

Adaptuit Sleep is designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Our natural blend features:

  • Magnesium – which regulates the body's systemic stress response3
  • Lemon balm – calming herb used to promote sleep and manage stress and anxiety4
  • No melatonin

Don't let restless nights turn into listless days. Your body needs the energizing effects of a good night's sleep to function properly. Restore the rest you need with Adaptuit Sleep



Adaptuit Sleep<sup>™</sup>


Is stress keeping you up at night? Sometimes, when we experience stress, our regular sleep pattern is affected. We may experience difficulty falling asleep, have trouble staying asleep or even suffer from insomnia.1, 2

Don't let stress keep you up at night: TriVita's Adaptuit is designed to help your body adapt to daily stress and minimize its damaging effects. Our formula features:

  • 10 adaptogens, including eleutherococcus senticosus, schisandra and rhodiola rosea
  • Aloe vera and antioxidants
  • Delicious grape flavor

Allow rest and relaxation to become part of your daily routine — with Adaptuit.