TriVita Launches Reformulated Glucose Health for Greater Blood Sugar Support

North American nutraceutical firm combines Amazon botanicals to support healthy blood sugar levels

Scottsdale, Ariz. (September 1, 2015) — In today’s health-conscious world, it seems that everyone is looking for ways to optimize their health, starting with nutrition. TriVita, a North American nutraceutical firm based in Scottsdale, AZ, has launched the reformulation of their popular Amazon Herb supplement, Glucose Health. This proprietary blend of botanicals sourced from the Amazon Rainforest supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Our diets consist of three major sources of calories, or energy: fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. While carbohydrates often receive negative press from the fitness community, the truth is that these vital nutrients are the main energy source of the human diet.1

TriVita founder Michael Ellison explains, “TriVita’s Glucose Health is designed to support the body’s natural ability to maintain healthy glucose balance. We are excited to announce this new formulation that provides even more support with our improved blend of Amazon botanicals.” This proprietary blend now includes:

  • Artichoke: used as a diuretic to stimulate the kidneys and as a choleretic to stimulate the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder2
  • Cassia cinnamon: used for glucose health3
  • Stevia: used as an anti-hyperglycemic acid that has beneficial effects on glucose metabolism4
  • Yacon: used traditionally for its hypoglycemic properties5
  • Sarsasparilla: contains saponins, which have been attributed to facilitating the body’s absorption of phytochemicals6

Healthy blood sugar levels are not just important to those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic and concerned about the amount of sugar in their diet. In today’s overall nutrition conversation, the effect of blood sugar, glucose and their source—carbohydrates—in our health cannot be understated. “Too many people think carbohydrates are a bad thing,” shares Ellison. “But in fact, complex carbohydrates are a vital nutrient source, and Glucose Health helps support the body’s natural efforts to convert them to energy. Maintaining healthy blood sugar is not only important to your energy levels, but it is also essential for your long-term health.”

The ingredients in TriVita’s Amazon Herb products, including Glucose Health, go through extensive testing before and after manufacturing to help ensure safety and efficacy. In 2011, Peru became the first country in the Americas to ban all GMO foods. All herbs used in Amazon Herb products are non-GMO.

In addition to making a difference in their customers’ health and wellbeing, TriVita also has a global mission: The purchase Amazon Herb botanicals helps to support the sustainability of the Amazon Rainforest.




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6Wyk, B. & Wink, M. Medicinal plants of the world. 2004. New York, NY: Timber Press

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