TriVita re-launches the Healthy Foundation Pack


SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, May 18, 2015—TriVita announced re-launch of the Healthy Foundation Pack.

The Healthy Foundation Pack gives you the strong foundation you need for building and maintaining greater wellness with four solid pillars of essential support:

  1. Essential D - Helps protect against Vitamin D deficiency.
  2. Omega3 Prime® - Premium fish oil concentrate designed to support heart, joint and brain health.
  3. Alfred Libby's Slow Dissolve B-12 - Helps protect against B-12 deficiency.
  4. VitaDaily - Once Daily Multi-Vitamin — Provides foundational nutrition your body needs and helps fill nutritional gaps.

There are two versions of the new Healthy Foundation Pack. One comes with Alfred Libby's Slow Dissolve B-12 and the other with Alfred Libby's Slow Dissolve Super B-12 . To learn more about The Healthy Foundation Pack, click here.



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