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Why Self-Talk Matters

Mar 01,2019

Sometimes a message is so profound few words are necessary. This March blog post is one of those messages.  I recently came across Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. and his updated book What to Say When You Talk to Your Self. What a simple but insightful reading with the backing of neuroscience to…
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Nutrition Does Matter!

Feb 01,2019

A recent study on the benefits of fish oil and Vitamin D was released by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. The study results were also published by The New England Journal of Medicine titled The Vitamin D and Omega -3 Trial (VITAL). There are times when specific nutrients deserve our…
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There Is Only One New Year’s Resolution You Should Keep

Jan 02,2019

I heard a great quote the other day, and while I did not catch the source, it is worth repeating as we enter a new year. It went like this, “You may not be able to step back and start over, but you can step back and begin a new…
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Keeping Your Attitude Window Clean

Dec 30,2018

Happy New Year! May your goals and resolutions manifest in your life throughout 2019! Yes, goals and dreams do come to pass when we refuse to let them die – and when we keep a positive attitude. In the connected world we live in, we are bombarded every day by…
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Wellness Habits and the Holidays

Dec 05,2018

Listen to Michael and Susan Ellison share their simple and scientifically validated steps for creating healthy habits, even during the holidays! Plus, hear their personal stories of cues, routines, and rewards for the habits of giving and receiving love, creating a practice of gratitude that makes life meaningful and hopeful…
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The Power to Get Well and Stay Well

Nov 14,2018

For hundreds of years, it was a common belief that the world was flat, that man would never walk on the moon and that each person born was given a set of genes and we were incapable of altering our genetic expression. It was believed that our genes predetermined our…
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Sugar is Addictive and Your Wellness Foe

Nov 07,2018

The holiday season is almost here, and with it comes festivals, feasting and celebrations! If you desire wellness, this season is potentially the most damaging to your health because of the foods loaded with sugars and refined carbs that promote high glucose levels. Sugar can be extremely detrimental to your…
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Keeping the Quality of Life Robber at Bay

Oct 03,2018

If you have ever had something of value stolen from you, the emotions and feelings of loss are life-changing. I remember a few years ago when my wife and I took a vacation and checked into a well-known, nice quality hotel. We were there to celebrate life! I had just…
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True Happiness is Found in Purpose — Take the Life Purpose Quiz

Aug 01,2018

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you or gives a sense of meaning, joy and happiness.” — Terry Orlick Human emotional and spiritual fulfillment is designed in our hearts by our Creator to be found in…
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Celebrating 19 Years of Wellness!

Jul 11,2018

A lot has changed in 19 years, but our appreciation for our members has not. Watch this special message from founder and CEO Michael Ellison and other TriVita employees.
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