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Episode 32: Featuring Scott Conard, M.D.

Aug 04,2020

Join Michael and Dr. Scott Conard as they as they discuss how to live powerfully, not fearfully, in a pandemic world. Today we are overwhelmed with news coverage and information around the pandemic, and yet we see very little about how to optimize our health and strengthen our immune systems.…
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Episode 31: The Truth That's Not Being Told

Jul 06,2020

Join Michael as he dives into the statistics around chronic inflammatory diseases and the truth that’s not being told about how whole-body wellness and lifestyle medicine offer hope in the fight for your life. Today, it’s impossible to turn on the tv or read the news without seeing controversy and…
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Episode 30: Overcoming Fear Through Faith

Jun 05,2020

Join Michael as he discusses his relationship with God, choosing to have a spirit of faith over fear, and embracing whole-body wellness as a lifestyle in the midst of this pandemic. At TriVita, we have seen an incredible response from our members about how they can embrace whole-body wellness, maintain…
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Living For What Matters Most in Life!

Apr 01,2020

Never in modern-day history have we had the opportunity to evaluate our way of life as we have in the past few weeks with the impact and mandatory directives coming with the world pandemic! And the question we have all had to seriously grapple with is; “What matters most in…
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I am so passionate about wellness because…

Mar 01,2020

I am so passionate about wellness because there was a time I lived my life without it! The misery index rises fast without wellness. There is nothing like living life with the joy of wellness. That is why I started Trivita and the Trivita Clinic of Integrative Medicine. I want people…
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Episode 25: Featuring Jarir Nakouzi, M.D.

Feb 03,2020

Thanks to innovative medical technologies, people are living longer lives. Find out what you can do to ensure you continue to live a vibrant, healthy life. Everyone knows that our body uses glucose (sugar) for energy. And you’ve probably heard about oxidation and free radicals. But what does it all…
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From Ancient to Modern Times, THIS is How Healing Really Works!

Feb 03,2020

There is a fundamental principle so powerful that it forms the basis upon which medical science measures any advancement in drugs or treatments. It is so powerful that it’s recognized by scientists to measure true results of a drug or treatment in any clinical study. It has been recognized, researched…
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Happy New Year! And welcome to the NEW you in 2020!

Jan 02,2020

The New Year always brings out the desire to change things with new year resolutions. But the facts are that by February, 70% of the resolutions are forgotten. The most powerful thing you can do to bring change in your life (health, well-being, financial or relationships) is not a new…
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Gratitude Is An Attitude

Dec 01,2019

When I began reflecting on my December blog being the last one of 2019, it became obvious that gratitude was the most appropriate and powerful subject I could write about. There are so many spontaneous gifts each of us experiences in life that creates the opportunity for gratitude. Gratitude is…
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Could This Be the Closest Thing to a Wonder Drug?

Oct 01,2019

What could be more beneficial to your health than any medication? According to a publication by Harvard Medical School, walking is considered to be the most helpful thing you can do to sustain your life-giving force of wellness. They even quote Dr. Frieden saying, “The closest thing I know to a wonder…
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