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Episode 62: Life Is More Important Than a Game

Feb 03,2023

Michael is joined by Dr. Paul Bernitt, DHH to talk about cardiovascular system support. When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin had a cardiac arrest during an NFL game, it put some things in perspective. We need to remember what’s important and that we have some control over it. Our lifestyle…
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Episode 61: I Was Blown Away When I Heard....

Dec 30,2022

Join Michael and his friend, author Barry Borthistle as they talk about simple changes we can make for a better 2023. Would you like 2023 to be different for you physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially? Are you willing to change one thing in 2023 to release miracle-like living? Michael Ellison’s…
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Episode 60: A Greater Quality of Life with No Pills or Invasive Therapy

Dec 01,2022

Join Michael as he discusses one of the most powerful natural therapies known on the planet. You don’t want to miss this breakthrough message, especially if you are experiencing discomfort, digestion problems, stress or sleep issues. There is hope and you can find relief applying this therapy to your life.…
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Episode 59: Whole Person Wellness

Nov 01,2022

Listen as Michael R. Ellison talks about “whole person wellness”. Your quality of life is dependent on the choices you make. Your doctor is not educated or compensated to help you with your wellness. The insurance system does not compensate for the QUALITY of care but only the QUANTITY of…
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Episode 57: Living Your Best Life with Wellness and Purpose

Sep 01,2022

Listen as Michael explores the ways in which living your best life with wellness and purpose is a gift that every person has, at any age or any stage of their life! Look at the power of purpose and wellness in your life. Your purpose is within you. But there…
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Episode 56: The Miracle Molecule…Benefits of Nitric Oxide

Aug 01,2022

Listen as Michael R. Ellison and Paul Bernitt, DHH, explore what is known as ‘the miracle molecule’ of nitric oxide. The abundant benefits of nitric oxide include improved circulation, lower blood pressure, better brain health and much more. Nitric oxide is essential to all the metabolic processes in our body…
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Episode 55: Most Important: You Are Needed

Jul 01,2022

Urgent message you need to hear.  A father’s plea. About Michael R. Ellison, TriVita Founder & CEO Michael Ellison has a mission to help people everywhere experience whole-person wellness. For him, this mission became crystal clear when he suffered a health crisis at the age of 50. As Michael recovered…
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Episode 54: The Most Common, and the Worst Things About Aging

Jun 02,2022

Should we think the same way about aging and disease? Or are they different? Michael shares a surprising story about employees of Shell Oil company who retired at age 55. Could it be that purpose matters more in the aging process than just retiring from your job? Listen and see…
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Episode 53: It’s More than a Life Span…It’s a Health Span

May 04,2022

Join Michael and Paul Bernitt, DHH, as they talk about how new science and technology advancements are working to help extend our life span, but question if they are finding ways to optimize our health for that longer life. How can we extend our “health span” so we can enjoy…
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Episode 52: Understanding the Dangers of Chronic Inflammation

Apr 05,2022

In his latest podcast, Michael shares information about chronic inflammatory health conditions, which are the world’s #1 health risk, and how we can protect ourselves against them. Learn about a study published by Harvard Medical School that talks about how to stop the damage of inflammation before it compromises your…
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