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Iím a first time user of the pure. products. Iím a snob when it comes to good shampoo and this is one of them! Iíve gone prematurely gray and do not have much body with my hair. Using TriVitaís pure. shampoo gives my hair a healthy look. It doesnít flatten it or make it have those fly away hairs. Likewise, the pure. conditioner is mild and adds just the right amount of body, like it should.
2/3/2004 - Grant Meidal from Bellingham, WA
I have used Salon products for years. Iíve tried other toxic-free shampoos, and they didnít work, my hair would still be full of knots and feel dry. Since I began taking TriVitaís Sublingual B-12, B-6, & Folic Acid, and other TriVita products, I figured, what do I have to lose in trying TriVitaís pure. products. I am always trying to better my health. I have to say, this shampoo is AWESOME!! My hair is silky and soft; the statement is entirely true about this product. I love it and I recommend it to everyone because it will reduce your exposure to free radicals and harsh chemicals. Also, because pure. shampoo & conditioner works so well. I have a very sensitive nose. The fragrances in many other hair products bother me and give me headaches. These products have a light, natural scent and donít bother me at all!! Thank you, TriVita.
10/24/2003 - Veronica Indyk from Center Barnstead, NH
I was diagnosed with eczema, and it wouldn't go away. I used TriVIta's Skin Solution and it was working. Now that I have switched to the pure products, the eczema is going away. I have stopped itching, especially in the scalp area and I contribute this to the pure. Shampoo and pure. Conditioner. These products are great and everyone should give them a try.
8/14/2003 - Nathan Gerrard from Phoenix, AZ
I personally have never used such an incredible lotion, my skin is so soft, I just love this new product. We both do. The hair products are so great on my colour damaged hair. It feels wonderful to finally have a product that is so natural and pure, and good for me. We love the hand wash, and have it in our kitchen and each bathroom, as well as the lotion. What a treat and luxury to be able to share these with our guests. Thanks TriVita for these exceptional products.
8/12/2003 - Walter & Mary Fields from North Vancouver, BC
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Please Note: These testimonies are from Customers and Members of the TriVita, Inc. and are not endorsed by the company.