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Get Your Energy & Vitality Back!

Live life to the fullest with Super Sublingual B-12! It’s the first and only B-12 product to combine both major forms of B-12 with B-6, folic acid and ginseng to help provide:

  • Sustained mental energy
  • Increased vitality
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced daily stress
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Improved memory


  • It features the original, patented sublingual delivery system.
  • Super B tablets contain more B-12 than the typical B-12 shot.
  • Each tablet is individually wrapped for your convenience – take them anywhere.
  • Super B is tested for purity and effectiveness ­ and it¹s physician approved!
  • Every tablet, package and safety seal is hand-inspected for quality assurance.

TriVita works hard to ensure that you get the safest, freshest and most effective supplements available on the market today.

Each box of Super Sublingual B-12 is made under the strictest quality controls in the nutritional supplement industry. All manufacturing and laboratory processes meet or exceed the most current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as published by the Food and Drug Administration in March 2003. B vitamins are vital to your health. A B-12 deficiency can both drain your energy and lead to serious health problems. In addition to being nature’s “feel-good” vitamins, the B vitamins play a critical role in the health of your nerves and blood and are deeply involved in your body’s metabolism. With the original, patented sublingual delivery system, you don’t have to worry about your B-12 going through a digestive system obstacle course – or the pain and expense of a B-12 injection. These essential nutrients go directly into your bloodstream, where they start working right away!

Discover how TriVita’s Super B can help you with increased energy, improved memory, relief from B-12 anemia and much more.

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TriVita Super Sublingual B-12