Sublingual B-12 Works Best when it Melts Under Your Tongue

Sublingual B-12 Works Best when it Melts Under Your Tongue – July 2008 VitaJournal, Page8

Dr. Libby's original patented formula absorbs better than taking B vitamins orally
by Dr. Scott Conard, M.D.

Dr. Alfred Libby is responsible for patenting the technology that allows B vitamins to get into your bloodstream without an injection or swallowing a pill. His Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid simply dissolves under the tongue and speeds these critical nutrients right to where they are needed most. But how exactly does that work? What's the 'big deal' about a pill melting instead of being swallowed?

The fact is, there's a significant difference. 'Sublingual' is based on Latin words that literally mean 'under the tongue.' Certain substances – including some heart drugs like nitroglycerine, steroids, barbiturates and other medications – are easier to get into the bloodstream in this manner. Mucus membranes under your tongue lead to the epithelium, which is another membrane lining beneath your tongue. Like your skin, this membrane is not impermeable; and in fact, quite the opposite. The epithelium absorbs some nutrients very well, and passes them along to areas rich in blood vessels beneath the tongue. These blood vessels attach to the sublingual artery, which in turn attaches to the lingual artery. The next stop is your carotid artery, which carries a sublingual substance to your brain. Substances such as vitamins are thus able to enter the bloodstream and reach your brain very quickly.

Think about your digestive system for a moment: it's a complicated organ. Vitamin B-12 absorption is the most complicated. It requires the acid concentration in the stomach to be high (this can be affected by medications that prevent reflux or ulcers), the stomach has to make a protein (intrinsic factor) that binds the B-12, and then this bound B-12-intrinsic factor complex must be absorbed in the small intestine. That means that there are a lot of things that could go wrong! That's why sublingual B-12 delivery works: It bypasses the complex digestive system process, by being absorbed while under the tongue.

The key to sublingual nutrients working is allowing them to dissolve fully under the tongue. Chewing and swallowing Sublingual B-12 pills might be tempting given their sweet taste, but it is crucial to their effectiveness that you allow them to melt completely. You'll still get the great taste, plus the full benefit of these nutrients designed sublingually to help you make sure you get the B-12 you need when you need it!