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As Dr. Elie Metchnikoff said so many years ago, "Death begins in the digestive system."

I once audited a college course called Critical Thinking. Much of the class was focused on a technique called Active Listening. This is where you actively ask yourself critical questions as you listen or read a claim, looking for "why it cannot be true."

It was negative and mistrustful and I hated it.

But I learned many valuable life lessons from Critical Thinking that have served me for decades now. One gem in particular was the technique of turning a statement around like a mathematical equation: if 1+2=2, then 2-1=1.

As a tribute to Dr. Metchnikoff, here is my Active Listening statement: If death begins with a dysfunctional digestive system, then vitality must begin with a healthy digestive system!

Health begins in the digestive system

If our digestive system (DS) is working as designed, we will have a good appetite, sweet-smelling breath, abundant energy and daily elimination of waste. When our DS works well we feel on top of the world!

If our digestive system is not working optimally, we will have a bizarre appetite. This is often characterized by no desire for breakfast and a ravenous, insatiable appetite in the evening. We may even awaken in the middle of the night feeling as if we need to eat and yet never being satisfied with normal foods. When our digestive system is "broken" we will develop food allergies, gas, bloating, indigestion and excess stomach acid. If our DS malfunctions, we will have constipation or alternating diarrhea and constipation. Plus, we will have abdominal pain.

As time progresses and our DS becomes more imbalanced, we may experience chronic inflammation in the mouth (leading to sores in the mouth and on the tongue), stomach (leading to GERD, ulcers and indigestion), small intestines, pancreas, liver, gallbladder and colon. And because "bad" bacteria and yeast multiply in an unhealthy DS, we may start to experience chronic infections that migrate to our kidneys, bladder and reproductive systems. Chronic infections also trigger autoimmune attacks on healthy organs.

However, as we assist our DS to find balance, our health will rebound and return to a vital state very quickly. You see, our DS cells are the most prolific in our whole body – many of them possess a lifespan of only four hours! So, it’s easy to un-balance and upset our DS, but it’s also easy to re-balance and heal it.

Our "gut-garden"

What we need to rebalance our DS is the "Weed, Seed and Feed" program we use in our garden. We "weed" out all of the toxins in our DS with enzymes and herbs. We "seed" the DS with probiotics and we "feed" them with prebiotics for better colonization and a long, healthy life.

  • Weed
    Enzymes help begin the healing process because they remove toxic proteins and discourage bad bacteria, yeast and parasites from breeding in our gut. And they help digest our food for more energy. Dandelion root works with the Lipase enzyme as it thins the bile from the liver and gallbladder. Bile helps Lipase to digest fat. Bile also discourages bad bacteria, yeast and parasites from breeding. Milk thistle helps reduce the autoimmune impact from an imbalanced DS, and helps reduce cramps, pain and bloating.
  • Seed
    Prebiotics lay the groundwork for probiotics, as prebiotic fibers help probiotic bacteria establish colonies by providing a food source. Probiotics also have a marvelous impact on the rest of the body and brain as they coordinate the immune system of the DS. Prebiotics and probiotics work together to improve digestion and elimination.
  • Feed
    To have a healthy body and brain, we must have a healthy DS. It provides us with digestion and defense. TriVita’s FloraVita™ supports these processes by supplying our probiotics the food they need – called prebiotics – and by replanting healthy colony-forming units of probiotics. Also, FloraVita supports digestion and defense with a wide array of digestive enzymes and immune-modulating botanicals.

Our digestive system is a miracle of creation! It is the primary way we take in energy to fuel a life of passion, mission and purpose. Take care of it starting today!

Take Control of Your Health

  • Select healthy, colorful fruits and vegetables
  • Choose organic, locally grown produce when possible
  • Chew well, eat slowly, relax
  • Fully digest your foods with supplemental enzymes
  • Weed, Seed & Feed with FloraVita:
    • Weed out inflammatory proteins and unwanted microbes
    • Seed your digestive system with probiotics
    • Feed your "good" bacteria with prebiotic fiber

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