Nopalea Daily Cleanse™: the pure solution for life’s impurities


By Brazos Minshew


North Americans are constantly inundated with toxins. Pollutants in our food, air and water flood our body with toxins. Even our home is a toxic environment, with everything from household chemicals to fabric, carpet and fragrances contaminating our body.


This deluge of toxic waste literally drags us down and ultimately causes inflammation, which often leads to weight gain, fatigue, headaches and moodiness. This same toxic overload may also trigger constipation or a sluggish digestive system.


Unique benefits


Nopalea Daily Cleanse™ is a daily cleansing system that naturally supports the body’s own detoxification mechanisms and helps the body to:

  • Purify and remove impurities
  • Restore vibrant health and energy
  • Revitalize itself and improve overall performance
  • Improve mental performance and restore clearer thinking
  • Feel slimmer and improve skin health
  • Strengthen and fortify the immune system
  • Support improved digestive health, soothing intestinal discomfort and enhancing regularity
  • Increase vitality and improve overall health


Simplified cleansing with no fasting


Nopalea Daily Cleanse is a comprehensive system that cleanses the whole body, addressing multiple channels of elimination. This simple to follow, two-system is so easy to use. There’s no need to change daily schedules and no fasting or complex meal plan required.


Instead, Nopalea Daily Cleanse works “24/7” to clear toxins. Taken regularly, these morning and evening formulas will help you feel great – ‘round the clock and year round.


This gentle cleansing system delivers natural herbs and plants which work in harmony with the body’s own detoxification systems. It does not cause cramping, diarrhea or gas. There are also no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.


24-hour solutions for everyday living


Both morning and evening-specific formulas work around the clock to help eliminate toxins.


  • AM Cleanse drink mix – contains gentle fibers that naturally bind to toxins and facilitate their elimination from the body. The focus of the AM formula is the liver and colon.
  • PM Cleanse capsules – works while you sleep to support detoxification and help capture toxins that are trapped in the body. The PM formula contains antioxidant-rich plants renowned for their contribution to detoxification. The focus of the PM formula extends from the cells to the lymphatic system, blood and breath.


Both “absorbing” and “adsorbing”


Nopalea Daily Cleanse features the leaf of the Nopal cactus. The leaf’s dual action natural process helps to both ABSORB and ADSORB toxins.


The Nopal leaf absorbs toxins, sucking them in like a sponge to help prepare them for elimination. The leaf also contains other substances that help detoxify your body through adsorption. Certain fat-soluble toxins such as mercury and lead are pulled to the Nopal leaf similar to the way iron filings are pulled to a magnet.


Nopalea Cleanse and original Nopalea: take together for an unrivaled wellness experience


Nopalea Daily Cleanse perfectly complements our original Nopalea™. These two products combined help your body fight against the cause (toxins) and the effect (inflammation) – helping to improve vitality and overall health.


To reduce inflammation you have to address the levels of toxins in your body. Our Daily Cleanse system uses the Nopalea Leaf to help eliminate these toxins. Nopalea, with its Bioflavonoids from the Nopal fruit, helps the body “turn off” the inflammatory response that can be caused by toxin overload.


Taken together, these products provide a powerful “1-2 punch” that helps detoxify the body and fight inflammation. Remember, we are exposed to toxins daily, so we need to cleanse daily. Finally you have two complementary products that will help you enjoy a vibrant, energetic new you.



Brazos Minshew is in charge of formulating the best new supplements possible. He is dedicated to bringing greater health and wellness to TriVita Members. He combines an extensive background in medical science, naturopathy, and alternative treatments to create lifestyle and nutritional solutions to prevalent health challenges.


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