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How's your digestion?

ProDigest is a combination of various natural plant-based enzymes from the Amazon Rainforest. It features:

  • Boldo, an evergreen shrub, traditionally used in Peru to support good digestion1
  • Anise, used by Amazon natives for its carminative (anti-gas) properties2
  • Peppermint, used traditionally for gastrointestinal disorders3

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Stress, eating processed foods and aging are some of the elements that make it hard for our digestive system to break down the foods we eat. The digestive system then becomes challenged, and bloating, gastro-intestinal discomfort and symptoms of indigestion may result.

Digestive myths4

Spicy foods alone cause heartburn.

So can many other foods. Positive lifestyle changes and losing weight are also essential to digestive health.

Colonics are safe.

Studies have not supported any long-term health benefit.

Only beans cause gas.

There are other foods that can do the same, such as dairy products and slowly absorbed carbohydrates. Some medical conditions can also increase gas and bloating.






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